Organic Acai Authentic Mix Cubes


Organic Acai Pure Blender Pack

Organic Acai Authentic Mix Blender Pack

Organic Acai Pure Blender Cubes

Organic Acai Authentic Mix Blender Cubes

Pitaya Pure Blender Cubes

Premium Organic Acai Sorbet

Premium Pitaya Sorbet

Organic Acai Bowl In A Bag

Organic Acai Pure Bag

Premium Pitaya Pack

Organic Acai Pure 22 Lbs

Premium Pitaya Pure 22lbs

Organic Acai Drum

Premium Pitaya Drum

Are you looking to add a delicious and healthy twist to your product offerings? Look no further than our Organic Acai Mix Blender cubes! The wholesale cubes are crafted from 100% organic, non-GMO acai berries, guaranteeing the best for your customers.

Perfect for smoothies, acai bowls, and other healthy snacks, the acai blender cubes will transport your customers to the Amazon rainforest with their authentic flavor with every sip or bite. Furthermore, the blender cubes are designed to be easy to use and are ideal for busy store owners who want to offer high-quality products without sacrificing time or effort.

But don’t just take our word for it – our wholesale pricing ensures that adding these premium blender cubes to your inventory is a breeze. Furthermore, by choosing our high-quality standards, you can trust that your customers will be grateful for being offered the best.

So why wait any longer? Order our Organic Acai Authentic Mix blender cubes today and elevate your store’s product offerings to the next level. Your customers will indeed thank you for it!

Organic Acai Authentic Mix blender cubes

Our Organic Acai Authentic Mix blender cubes significantly speed up your process while making your prep station safer.

No more danger of cutting packs with knives or scissors. It also eliminates the possibility of plastic winding up in the blender.

Great for juice bars, smoothie shops, food service, and the food industry.

Organic Acai Mix Blender cubes are sweetened with organic sugar.

  • USDA Organic,
  • BDK Kosher,
  • FSSC 22000,
  • and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Each case contains two bags of 8.81 lbs. Each has 17.6 pounds of cubes per case.

Case size: 20.67” x 7.16” x 6.89”

Case gross weight: 18.67 lbs.


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